The International Icon Tarot visually simplifies the tarot into beautiful graphic compositions, recasting the familiar RWS images in the crisp, clean style of international isotype signage, timelessly, without nudity and with a minimum of gender or ethnic bias.

It is sold boxed and shrinkwrapped, with a small instruction booklet included.

Card dimensions: 2 7/8” x 4 3/8”.  ISBN #: 0-9728788-1-5

The International Icon Tarot conveys traditional meanings without relying on occult symbols or mystical illustrations, by incorporating the distinctive graphic style associated with international signage. As a result, this deck can be used by a wider audience in a broader variety of settings. Its simplicity will appeal to beginners, and captivate both collectors and experienced tarot users. Without sacrificing symbolic depth, these engaging images provide for a greater degree of ethnic, cultural and gender inclusiveness.

These 78 simplified iconic images are intended to speak to everyone, transcending the barriers of language, gender and race. They explain the “rules of the road” and the Rules of the Spirit.

Straightforward, unadorned and simplified, sophisticated, colorful and fun, the International Icon Tarot can point the way in an uncertain world.

$29.95 + shipping ($4.00 domestic ~ $11.00 international)

The High Priestess

Major Arcana

Page of Cups


8 of Pentacles


3 of Swords
Ace of Wands