The Ator Tarot is a cartoony version of the well-known Pamela Colman Smith/A.E. Waite tarot deck.  Obtusely charming characters replicate the poses and objects found in that deck, to provide a low-key, non-intimidating doorway into the mystery and intricacy of tarot.  Appropriate for kids, if you don’t mind a little bit of blobby nudity, it is also a useful and fun deck for any adult.

It measures a hand-friendly 4 3/4” x 3″, and comes to you in clear shrinkwrap, with no instruction booklet.  ISBN 0-9728788-0-7

$18.95 + shipping ($4.00 domestic ~ $11.00 international)

The Fool

Major Arcana

3 of Cups


4 of Pentacles


3 of Swords


Ator Tarot ~ 10 of Wands




·     Colorful

·     Comfortable

·     Easy to read and interpret

·     Genuinely Amusing

·     Light-hearted


“What a fabulous deck! Absolutely lovely … very cheery.”

“I dig the vibrant colors, and also the design is very clean and easy on the eyes.”

“ACK! the cuteness of it!”

“I love the Ator. It makes me smile, and it’s one of the few decks I would use for young folk.”

“Many thanks for such a brilliant, amusing, yet useable pack.”

“You have succeeded in making art that touches and transforms in a very approachable and comforting way. I do really appreciate the warmth of the characters which, to my heart and mind, is much better than ‘spooky’.”




Review Excerpts
“Death, where is thy sting in the Ator Tarot? The Devil and Tower cards have been similarly de-fanged of their fear factor. And what could be more Fool-ish than a yellow-maned cartoon figure standing at the edge of a cliff, his dog-pal ready at the arf?”
Diane Wilkes, of Tarot Passages

“The Ator Tarot is a non-threatening and straightforward deck that has re-made, but has still kept the essence of the Rider-Waite-Smith symbols. The simplicity and humour of the cards mean it is an appropriate deck for children.”
Solandia, of Aeclectic Tarot